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A Pickle, a Party and a Peck

It's TWD recap, y'all. I would really like to live in this subdivision. It's nice and clean and not crowded. Bag a boar. Say that fast ten times. Oh, now I want a pickle too. A dill pickle would be nice. Is it just me? That fence and gate doesn't look very substantial and it needs some WD-40. Looks like Sasha is gonna do a little target practice. Music is getting weird. Something is about to go down. Okay, false alarm.

I love Carol's new look. She could be a soccer mom, but she's not. She's a BAMF. Apparently, Daryl isn't going to cut or even comb his greasy hair. He could really use a spa day. Somebody put a W on a walker's forehead. Weird.

Yuck. Political speak. Kind of turns my stomach. Ms. Politician is hosting a little get-together for the new folks tonight. Should be fun. Maybe they'll have a DJ to spin some tunes. Carol is chatting with some other soccer moms, but secretly she's scheming with Rick to steal some weapons. It does my heart good to see those two back on good terms.

Daryl and Aaron almost capture a horse, but the horse escapes when a handful of walkers rudely interrupt the proceedings. I'm kinda lovin' all the interaction between our gang and the new people. Tobin (a bit of a doofus) offers to teach Carol how to handle some guns. Seriously? Tobin has no idea what Carol is capable of. Aaron is talking Daryl's ear off and getting on my nerves.

It's party time. They have wine. Hell yeah. There's the ginger. He wants a beer. Is that guy Chevy Chase? No, he's the politician's husband. Another doofus. Daryl and Aaron are still chasing the horse. They are going to miss the party. Damn, the horse is a goner. Walkers got it.

Daryl is watching the party from outside. He ain't goin' in. He's gonna spend the evening with Aaron and Eric. They are going to have spaghetti. I wonder if they use Ragu or Prego? There's the flirty blonde lady. She's married to Pete, a doctor. I think Pete might have a little drankin' problem. Blonde lady is blabbing on and on. Whatever. I'm not really listening. I'm thinking about dill pickles. Have you ever had frozen pickle juice? It's really good. Sam, son of the blabbing blonde lady, wants some more cookies. The kid is kinda creepy and he's running around putting stamps on people. The stamp looks a lot like the W that was on the walker's forehead. WTH?

Daryl is putting away some spaghetti. Aaron just asked Daryl to help him go outside the flimsy fence and recruit new people into the community. Is the ginger flirting with Michonne? Is Michonne really wearing a dress? Carol left the party and is trying to steal some weapons when Sam shows up and asks her what she's doing. The kid really wants more cookies. Does he not know that cookies make you fat? Dayum, Carol is intimidating and threatening the hell out of cookie kid so he won't tell what he saw. I'm sure Carol's husband used to do the same thing to her back in the day.

Oh snap, Rick just gave blabbing blonde a peck on the cheek and a very intense look. He might need a cold shower. Sasha is at the party and freaking out. Oh no, she's spoiling the party by loudly stating the obvious.

Carol has guns, but Daryl doesn't want one and Rick hesitates, but he takes one. Who is keeping Judith? Maybe she's in day care. The episode ends with Rick approaching the flimsy fence from inside. He puts his hand on the fence while a catchy tune plays and a walker, on the outside of the fence, puts his hand on the fence like a mirror image. Ominus.

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