This Makes My Heart Hurt

Okay, I'm on the back half of two and a half glasses of Riesling. I'm telling you this so that you will be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into. Normally, I don't do the wine on a Sunday, but it was such a gorgeous day and the Spousal Unit and I decided to cook out and ya know what that on the deck while watching the geese beat the shit out of each other.

It's fascinating and I just can't stop watching. They get so angry with each other. I don't know why. There's always one bully in the bunch. Isn't that just always the way it is??? Anyhoo, it was weird and I couldn't look away. Now, we are safely inside and awaiting the Grammy Awards. I couldn't care less about the awards, but the performances are sometimes amazing so I'm hoping for some amazing.

When the awards are over and my wine glow has come to a crashing end, I plan to recap TWD. It might be 9 pm, it might be 10 pm or it could be well after midnight before I get to it, but I will get to it.

In the meantime, let's go over what's about to happen. I'm so incredibly nervous because I adore Carol and Carol is in mortal danger. Carol is a BAMF; however, BAMFs still need help from time to time. Daryl is on the way. As is the rest of the gang. That's my prediction as I type this at 7:37 pm on Sunday night (February 8, 2015). Am I right? We will see. I'm staying off Facebook because I don't want spoilers.

Headed to the bedroom to rid myself of my bra and then I'm in for some hard-core TV watching this evening. I'll be back in a few hours.

I'm back and it hasn't been a few hours. Only a few minutes. I have a major bone to pick with KLBK. Seriously, STOP running the crawl constantly during the Grammy Awards. Unless we are under nuclear attack, STOP with the crawl. I hate it. Don't do it. Also, props to Taylor Swift's stylist. Who is Sam Smith? I don't know this person, but I love him. He just said that it was only when he started being himself that he started being succesful. Word.

Bra off. Wine buzz faded. Let's get down to business. Finallly, Maggie is crying over Beth being gone AND we are getting some back story on new guy. Frankly, we don't have time for this cuz Carol, y'all. Don't forget about Carol. Are they headed to Richmond? Where's Carol? I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously don't forget about Carol. Blood on picture of house. EEWWW.

New opening sequence was good. Maybe it wasn't new. Yep, I think it was new. Oh yeah, now I remember the trade. How could I forget that? So glad Rick and Carol are back on the same page. It was hurting my heart. Can these guys not find any razor blades to shave with? Walker in wrecked car....can you imagine what that must smell like???

Where the hell are they going? New guy already hurt himself. Oh, I like the looks of this place. Much more attractive than the prison or Terminus. What does Glen see? What does he see? Oh, NOT good. New guy freaking out. Michonne ain't havin' it, but she's organized and looking for garbage bags.

This subdivision has seen better days. Oh well, walkers ain't payin' no property taxes.

Rick is spilling his guts to Glen. This is the most I've ever heard him talk. Now, errybody is talkin' ... it's true confession time. New guy, Noah, is getting up and running to where?

AAAWWWW, damn. Noah, don't go in there. I hear whispering. Okay, it's Noah whispering to his dead mama. Now, I hear growling. Tyrese you better watch your back. I knew it, I knew it. One of the twins tried to take Tyrese's arm off. You know what that means? Amputation time. We've seen it before. Finally a commercial break, potty time.

There's the picture of the house again ???? What's up with that ????? British guy on radio ???? I'm very confused. AAHHHH, it's The Governor again. He seems to have gotten a little tan in hell. He is not quite so pale. Tyrese is a goner. Okay, well that explains the house picture.

Oh, i'm so tired of commercials for Fifty Shades of Grey. If I want to see porn then I'll just do like errybody else and stay home and watch it on my computer like decent people do. Michonne is really wanting to stay in this 'hood. She ain't worried about property values. Ugh, body parts.

Why don't they just find another prison? It was a good idea. It worked. Do it again. Nope, they are going to Washington.

It's the radio again. Yes, Beth. And, she's singing. I bet she could make it on American Idol. Errybody is trying to tell Tyrese that it's okay. It's better now blah, blah, blah. Don't listen to that crap. Get up. You didn't show me shit ... it's not over ... damn straight Tyrese. I'm not givin' up, I'm not givin' up. I think I love Tyrese. Ain't nobody got to die today. I told y'all they would amputate.

Seriously, Rick can't drive now? Time is of the essence. I could drive better than that in the 7th grade. Oh, Tyrese. NO NO NO. It's okay, it's better now. Argh, I don't like that preacher dude. Is he Catholic? He just made the sign of the cross, but I didn't think he was a priest. Rick is going to shovel now. He shovels better than he drives.

Well, I'm sorry for all my confusion at the beginning. I should've read a recap of the end of last season to be better prepared. My heart hurts again. But wait, it's time for Better Call Saul. I feel better now, but it's time for another potty break. See ya next week my fellow walker lovers.

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