Pottery Barn and Preppies

This is the space where I normally do a re-cap of TWD every Sunday night after a couple of glasses of Reisling; however, It's not Sunday night (it's late Monday afternoon) and I have had 0 glasses of Reisling. I didn't do this last night because I got a call from a friend. She is a Facebook friend, and she called to tell me that one of our mututal Facebook friends had died very suddenly and completely unexpectedly. To say that the news caught me completely by surprise would be the understatement of the century. I never actually met the man in person, but he made me laugh out loud. That is a rare thing. I'm sad for his family right now, and I'm sad for myself. I will miss the laughs.

Now, on with the show. Our gang is dubious upon entering "the community." Does Carl see a ghost in the window of an abandoned house? Dubious or not, Daryl kills a possum. He calls it dinner. This place is creeping me out already. They don't want to give up their weapons. I pray Rick can get his hands on a razor because he really needs one.

They can't stay until they talk to Deanna. Who the hell is Deanna? Turns out she is a middle-aged woman who wants to film herself talking to Rick. She is asking a lot of questions right off the bat. She owns a clarinet and a lot of books. Oh no, she was in Congress. No wonder I don't like her. She is too intense. Reminds me of some of the bosses I've had in the past. She's done things. Hhhmmm, haven't we all? She is creepy as hell but apparently well-read.

Oh, it's Jeff Goldblum in a commercial. Why does he remind me of Leonard Nimoy? I'm kinda lovin' the whole mock-turtleneck with a suit thing. I'm getting off track here. I need to focus. Good Cadillac commercial. They always have good commercials, but I hate their new emblem. Seriously, I need to focus and stop eating mini-marshmallows. I'm going to ruin my supper.

They are giving up their guns. Carol's gun weighs more than she does. She ain't eatin' no mini-marshmallows. She eats dog. It's move-in time and Rick/Carl, and I assume Lil' Ass Kicker although I don't see her, get a beautiful home. Ooooh, granite countertops and Pottery Barn furniture. And running water. How luxurious. Oh, my heart is beating fast because Rick is nekkid in the shower. He needs to cut his toenails. YES, he is cutting off all that hair on his beautiful face. Somebody is knocking on the door. Well, looky here. It's a young blonde woman with a basket full of toilet paper. She's a little flirty. She's cutting Rick's hair because she used to be a stylist.

Now it's Daryl's turn to talk to Deanna. Well, that didn't take long. Daryl ain't much of a talker. Carl hears something upstairs. What's behind that door? NOOO. Nothing but an unfinished, messy room. Finally, a play pen and stroller for Lil' Ass Kicker. Michonne is really enjoying brushing her teeth. She has a "good feeling about this place." Famous last words. Deanna just dropped by and is doing her political BS thang. The group is sticking together in one house. Rick can't sleep. He gets a knife out of the kitchen.

It's morning and time to explore the new neighborhood. Rick is panicked. He can't find Carl and Lil' Ass Kicker. He runs into Miss Flirty. Carl is making new friends. They have video games. Carl is kind of freaking out, but he's down to play video games. Ugh, a Victoria's Secret commercial advertising push-up bras. I don't need a push-up bra. I need a crane. I don't need to see scantily clad women pouting seductively into the camera. I'm not their target audience.

Carol is feeding Deanna a line of BS. Oh, how I love Carol. She looks like June Cleaver on "Leave it to Beaver," and Daryl tells her she looks ridiculous. She tells him to take a shower or she will hose him down in his sleep. I adore their dynamic.

Carl is following the quiet girl he met earlier. They are outside the gate and so is Rick. Rick is trying to find the weapon that he stashed outside "the community." The gun is not where he hid it, but here come the walkers. No problem. Carl and Rick "kill" all the undead in short order.

Aiden, AKA the douchebag, is Deanna's preppy son and he just got a beat down from Glen. Deanna ain't havin' it. She's pissed at the douchebag. He's probably gonna get grounded by his mommy. She just asked Rick to be the constable. Michonne is going to be a constable too. Daryl don't look happy or clean. Not a lot of action this week, but strangely I liked it. The story is moving forward and that's good.

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