Let's All Jump Down the Rabbit Hole

It has been one week since I jumped down the rabbit hole. Exactly seven days without THE INTERNET. Exactly 168 hours without THE INTERNET. I’ve had 21 meals and countless snacks since I’ve had THE INTERNET. I’ve had seven long, hot bubble filled baths since I’ve had THE INTERNET. I’ve had seven semi-restful nights since I’ve had THE INTERNET. I’ve worked out at the gym exactly two times since I’ve had THE INTERNET. I think you get my drift. Why am I babbling on about this? Well, it’s pretty simple. I have nothing else to do because I still don’t have THE INTERNET.

That’s not gonna stop me from posting TWD recap. I didn’t post last week because I will admit it … I was upset … I was more than mildly irritated … I had a bee in my bonnet … my panties were in a bit of a wad. That’s all behind me now. After spending hours on the phone, and basically being told that I was S.O.O.L., I have accepted my fate. The fight has been taken out of me. I couldn’t fight a piss ant right now, and you know what … that’s okay. It’s all gonna be okay.

Well, it might not be okay for the gang on TWD, but right now they are on easy street. The episode last week was probably one of my favorite episodes. The line “I have to send a fax to Cleveland” will forever be one of my favorite lines. The revolving door of death came from an incredibly twisted mind. Carol needs to cool it with the "ya gotta kill people" thing, that damn kid really needs to stop eating cookies and could Rick be a little hotter??? Me thinks not.

Buckle in kids, it’s time for another recap. Here we go: they are burning candles but the CD player works, strange. I guess the candles are just for mood lighting. Carol can cook. Is there anything she can’t do? There’s weird cookie kid stalking her. This metal music is getting on my nerves. Sasha is on it. Okay, maybe not. Who is at the front door? Oh, Carol left a casserole at the politician’s front door. That was a nice gesture, but the politician ain’t havin’ it. Finally, Sasha nails a walker from the lookout tower. Daryl and Aaron see a campfire in the distance.

Weird dude, I don’t know or care about, is giving his version of what happened to Aiden. Glen is giving his version. Rick is listening to Glen. Politician lady isn’t buying what weird dude (Nicholas) is selling. “We are them, Rick.” That’s what Glen is telling Rick. “We gotta make this work,” Glen is insisting to Rick. Carol is telling Rick about the dysfunctional family who lives next door. Carol is very proactive. Oh snap, I think Rick is gonna kill the husband of the blonde lady. He probably deserves to die, but that’s not Rick’s call to make.

Sorry, I lapsed into a little editorial comment there. Not appropriate. Why is Michonne trying to sleep with her shoes on? I hate wearing shoes. I never wear shoes. People aren’t allowed to wear shoes in my house. It’s way easier to keep the carpet clean if you don’t wear shoes. Sorry, I didn’t mean to get off on the shoe thing. I can’t really hear what’s going on because my husband is watching some dumb baseball thing in the front of the house, and he has it turned up so loud I can’t hear a damn thing. He obviously could care less about my recap.

Blah, blah, blah there’s a lot of talking going on and I can’t really hear so whatever. Rick is talking to the politician lady about Pete (the dude Rick wants to kill) and he tells her that Pete needs to die. The politician wants Pete exiled. They are at an impasse. I think Michonne and some other chick (I think her name is Tara) are looking for Sasha in the woods. Carl is in the woods and talking to a girl his age from their community. Is it puppy love?

Honest to God, is my husband deaf? I think he is because he keeps turning up his TV which forces me to turn up my TV and you can see where this is going. The young teens seem to be taunting a walker. Glen is giving Nicholas a stern talking to which he badly needs. Nicholas is a douchebag. These teens need to be in class. They are having a heart to heart. Now they are hiding in a tree, and the female teen tells Carl that the world belongs to the walkers and we are just living in it … pretty profound.

Nicholas, the douchebag, has the gun Rick hid a while back. Michonne finds Sasha and Sasha is just going off on tons of walkers. This makes Michonne have a flashback. She starts helping Sasha kill walkers. The undead are dying left and right. Sasha is losing it. She may need to be on a strong anti-depressant.

Finally, we get some Daryl action. It’s about time. He’s with Aaron and they see body parts. I can’t hear what they are saying. All I can hear is the dumb program my husband is watching. YUCK. There’s a dead, necked, blonde woman tied to a tree. Well, that was extremely gross.

Rick catches blonde woman (Jesse) smoking a cigarette. She probably needs to switch to an e-cigarette for less tar and nicotine. Rick tells Jesse that he knows Pete is hitting her. Jesse basically tells him to buzz off. Rick ain’t giving up. He follows her into her house and there’s so much sexual tension in the air you can cut it with a knife. Damn, Pete shows up. A fight ensues. Pete is tossed through the living room window.

I gotta hand it to Pete. He’s putting up one helluva fight. Rick has blood dripping down his face, and he’s just going off on the residents of the community. He is basically just telling all of them to stop being pussies, and Sasha is killing walkers at the fence. Michonne bitch slaps Rick. I didn’t see that one coming.

That’s it for this week, and next week is the season finale. I hate that this is almost over because that means we will have to wait months and months and months and months for more TWD. Of course, I will probably have to wait months and months and months and months to get my internet back and that’s okay. It’s all gonna be okay.

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