The Wolves at the Door

I’m a little sick to my stomach because I’m afraid we’re going to lose another member of our gang shortly. Oh look, it’s the dude from way back. He’s been following Rick and the gang for a while. Now he’s chatting with a dude who has a W on his forehead. W dude is cray-cray. I’d like to see Michonne open a can of whoop ass on him. That was an excellent fight scene. Michonne wasn’t needed. The dude who’s been following errybody just got himself out of a helluva jam using basically a stick and his fist. I’m impressed.

It’s Daryl on a hog with his crossbow; he’s still with Aaron in the woods. Rick is waking up from his beat down. He’s covered in bandages. Oh, his pretty face is all messed up. Errybody is talkin’ to Rick and they are making a plan to take the community, but Glen and Michonne ain’t lovin’ the idea.

Sasha is losing it. She’s just laying down in a pit full of dead walkers. Daryl and Aaron are tracking people in the woods. Carol and Rick are having a private conversation about what’s going to go down at the meeting that’s coming up with all the members of the community. Carol is so bad ass. She has no qualms about what’s going to have to happen. She calls Rick “sunshine” … I love it! I swear if they kill Carol tonight I’m not responsible for my actions.

The priest is going to take a walk outside the wall with no weapon. What a dumb ass. Daryl and Aaron think they’ve found a trailer full of canned goods, but it’s a trailer full of walkers. They made it out, but that was close. They almost died for fruit cocktail. Oh yeah, I just saw a commercial for TWD spin-off which is coming this summer. I can’t wait.

My keyboard is acting up. The W, J and M keys don’t want to work. Now what’s that all about? I need a new computer. I don’t even have my internet back yet. Luckily I found a strong enough signal to scam so I can stop going to McDonalds just to post.

Carol is messing with Pete. I think she actually scared him. He’s a douche. Glen just got shot by the community member who used to go on runs with Aiden. He’s shot in the shoulder. I hope he lives. Rick is talking to the blonde, Jesse. She acknowledges that Rick was right about Pete beating her. Pete sees them talking.

Daryl and Aaron are trapped in an abandoned car surrounded by walkers. Dude with stick is helping them escape the car. That was fast and now they are safe for the moment. Dude with stick is Morgan. I couldn’t remember his name for love or money. Morgan tells Daryl that all life is precious. Morgan is the man, with the young son, who Rick met in the very first episode of TWD. Of course, the son didn't make it but Morgan is very much alive.

The priest kills a walker. What’s this guy’s deal? He’s crying like a little girl. The ginger has flowers for Tara. Blah, blah, blah lots of talking going on. The priest goes back inside the gate but leaves it hanging open. Glen is alive and he’s beating the crap out of the dude that tried to kill him. Rick tries to give Michonne a gun before they go to the big meeting which will determine his fate. Okay, I’m kinda thinkin’ that would have been a good moment for a little kiss between Rick and Michonne. Yeah, I said it. I ship them, but Michonne didn’t take the gun and she didn’t get a kiss. Rick notices the gate has been left open.

Errybody is defending Rick at the meeting, and Rick is killing walkers inside the wall. This is really cool how they are filming this because his “family” is talking about what a bad ass he is while he’s actually being a bad ass.

Rick makes a grand entrance into the meeting carrying a dead walker over his shoulder. That’s a helluva way to make a statement. Glen is alive and decides to let the idiot guy who tried to kill him live. Wow, I don’t even know how to tell you what happens next. Pete shows up at the meeting being his usual douche bag self, and he kills the politician’s husband who is trying to stop him from being a douche. This prompts the politician to tell Rick to kill Pete which is just perfection because we’ve now come full circle. Rick kills Pete and at that moment Daryl and Aaron walk into the meeting with Morgan who looks horrified at what he is seeing.

That’s not the end. The dude, from the beginning of this episode, with the W on his forehead is still alive. He calls himself a wolf and there’s more than one of him. Wolves are out there, and they are coming for the community.

I'm going to miss doing these recaps. I'm going to miss TWD. Recaps and new episodes will be back soon enough. In the meantime, let's end this on a positive note by remembering the words of Morgan when he told Daryl that "all life is precious." WORD.

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