Please Pass the Mustard

WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY?????? The Walking Dead is wearing me out lately. I haven't written about it in a couple of weeks because frankly the last two episodes have left me completely uninspired. Why does BAMF Carol all of a sudden feel the intense need to leave the people she loves, and the dood she's sleeping with (it's the WRONG dood, but that's a discussion for another time) to just end up crying and hurting and curled in a ball on some random front porch. AND THEN, here comes freaking Morgan to save the day. No, just no.

WHY does half the damn town need to get in an RV and drive Maggie to the doctor? Would it not make considerably more sense for ONE FREAKING PERSON to bring the doctor to Maggie? I'll admit it; I never even finished junior college, but even I know that driving around the zombie infested countryside in a huge RV is just freaking asking for trouble.

Why does the awesome creative team behind this most awesome show feel the need to tease us with very obvious threats to the major characters? I knew Daryl wasn't dead last week. I also know that when the new season starts none of the major players will be dead at the hands of Negan. I predict right now it will be Rosita or the dood with the curly hair; I think his name is Aaron.

Why couldn't we have had just one day in Alexandria where errythang was coming up roses with rainbows and magical unicorns too? After the super intense episode where Carol and Maggie basically killed errythang would it have been so bad to have one laid back episode where errybody just gets to chill for five minutes???? I would so love to see a big cookout in Rick and Michonne's backyard. Carol could bring cookies cause she's good at cookies. Rick could wear one of those cheesy aprons while he's manning the BBQ grill. Daryl could be in charge of the dranks. They could all start planning a baby shower for Maggie and Glenn. Enid could teach Carl how to french braid all that hair on his head if he'll take the dopey hat off long enough.

I know, I know; TWD isn't about roses and rainbows and unicorns. It's about walkers and death and bad people. Speaking of bad people, I sure hope this Negan character is a more fully realized character than The Governor turned out to be. I love a good villain as much as the next person, but I want to know what makes the villain tick. I don't believe that most people, villains included, are either all bad or all good, so show me that please. Is it weird that I kinda want to make out with Negan even though he is so not a nice guy?

What are your thoughts and feels? I'd love to know, so please hit me up. Let me know what you thought about this past season, and what you'd like to see next season. You can talk to me on Facebook, or email me at

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