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Not Ordinary

Dearest Dana,

It's me, writing to me FROM THE FUTURE. Here are some random ideas I thought I would jot down while I'm waiting for the next bingo game to start here at "The Home."

STOP STOP STOP STOP being so impatient with everything including people and things. The waitress will take my order eventually and in the meantime, I WILL NOT DIE. Also, if the TV remote control/computer/cell phone is not working like I think it should work maybe, quite possibly, most probably IT IS MY OWN FAULT so cut it out. Nobody wants to see or hear that impatient shit.

It is on me to learn new things. I don't care if I'm 92, it's up to me to learn how to use new technology or how to use old crap in a better, more efficient way. For that matter, it will not kill me to learn how to fix stuff myself. Google that shit before I call a plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, etc. etc. etc.

Don't stop working on my fitness. No matter how fat and/or old I am. Get up off the couch and do something physical Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I can be a total sloth BUT not every day.

Get new glasses if I need new glasses. Get a hearing aid if I need a hearing aid. Keep my hair did. Dress appropriately and don't just wear sweats all the time.

My opinion ..... keep it to myself unless specifically asked to share it. Arguing is just stupid and a waste of time. My mouth needs to stay shut more and my ears need to stay open more. Don't wait for a thank you or recognition because those things rarely come so just don't waste time waiting; however, freely give those things to others - it will freak them out.

Negativity .... don't get sucked into this black hole. Don't complain, bitch, moan, belly-ache constantly because that's boring and ordinary.

Don't be a hater. Again, that's just boring and ordinary. Don't be boring and ordinary.

Get over yourself. I don't need to take me so seriously. The world was around waaaaay before me and will be around waaaaay after me.

Not every single thought/emotion/feeling/pain needs to be verbalized and that includes telling people about every ache and pain that my old, tired, used-up body is feeling. That also includes making weird sound FX like groaning when rising from a sitting position.

With very few exceptions NOBODY wants to hear my rambling, dull, funny only-to-me stories about my old job, my trips, my family, my dinner, my my my my my whatever. You have a blog and that's what that shit is for.

Love ya girl,


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