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Wake Me When This Is Over

It's Monday morning, and I'm sittin' here in my PJs with my laptop on my lap, eating my Raisin Bran (cuz I need the fiber, not for the taste) and trying to type without getting milk in my keyboard. Before I even get started, I'm just gonna say this ... it's really gonna ham my biscuits if I don't see Carol and Daryl this week AND I want to know if Glenn is dead or alive AND why does he spell his name with two Ns????

Okay, here we go: Politician Lady looks haggard. She looks like I look when I don't sleep well, and I'm not wearing makeup. Well, I suppose she doesn't sleep well, and she's not wearing makeup. She's climbing to the top of the "wall" in Alexandria to have a look. Michonne is basically telling Maggie that Glenn didn't make it, but she also says that Glenn told her if he got stuck that he would find a way to send a signal. Is that foreshadowing or what??? Rick is yelling for someone to open the gate because he's running from lots and lots of walkers. The Politician Lady is just standing there with her mouth hanging open like a dumb ass. Okay, I realized I used the words politician and dumb ass in the same sentence. That's redundant, I'm sorry.

Rick is giving a little pep talk to the survivors within the wall. He's basically telling everyone to be quiet (although, he's talking loudly) and ignore all the zombies on the other side of the wall. Oh hell, there's Morgan with his dumb stick. We had 90 minutes of Morgan last week, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE no more Morgan this week. As I stated before, I want more Carol and Daryl, dammit. Politician Lady just walks away with nothing to say. That's completely unrealistic. A politician with nothing to say. I think not.

The community members are refusing to ration the food. Now, they are all arguing, but at least they are putting the food back on the shelves. They are not savages, yet.

Some of the survivors are writing the names of the dead on the wall. There's Glenn's name with two Ns. Maggie is leaving to go find Glenn, and the curly haired dude, I can't remember his name, is going to help her. Politician Lady is scribbling a bunch of letters on some blueprints. Now, she's arguing with her son who has decided to drink his troubles away. Carl wants to go find Enid, the girl who kept writing J S S on errythang two weeks ago. He's talked out of doing it by Enid's boyfriend.

The new doctor is talking to what's-her-name. Why can't I remember names? Still no Carol or Daryl. This bites. Ha, Ha. I said, this bites. I'm cracking myself up. Blonde Lady discovers a community member who apparently committed suicide and then turned into a walker. Blonde Lady killed the walker, and now she's talking and telling other community members, "If we don't fight, we die." Well, duh.

Maggie and Curly Hair are walking in a tunnel. Two, extremely gross walkers attack them in the tunnel. I thought Maggie was a goner, fer sure, but she's fine. Curly Hair hurt his head, but he insists on going with her to find Glenn.

So far, this episode is kind of a snooze fest. And, still NO CAROL OR DARYL. WTH????

Enid's boyfriend just told Rick that his girlfriend is outside the wall, and Carl wants to go get her. The new doctor just kissed what's-her-name on the lips, and they had a moment. Maggie is making noise in the tunnel, and she has attracted walkers, and she's having a freak-out about being pregnant, and she's acknowledging that Glenn (with two Ns) is probably dead.

Blonde lady made some cookies for her son, Sam. The kid has a thing about cookies, and so do I. Peanut butter cookies are my favorite, but I'm not that picky. I'll pretty much eat any kind of cookie; although, ginger snaps aren't great. They are crunchy, but not in a good way, and they kind of don't have much taste. I'm sorry, when I start talking about cookies, I can't stop. Anyway, Sam doesn't want to go downstairs to eat the cookies. Politician Lady is attacked by a walker, but she defends herself and declares, "I want to live." She acknowledges that the community doesn't need her; they need Rick and she needs a shower.

Maggie is scrubbing Glenn's name off the memorial wall. Rick and Blonde Lady are having a moment. Oh, well now they're having an even bigger moment with tongue and errythang. This episode ends with the camera focused on a section of the wall which appears to be coming apart or bleeding or something. I don't know and I don't want to watch it again because, quite frankly, it wasn't all that interesting to me and the Raisin Bran has kicked in. Gotta go, literally.

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