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This is Well Within My Skill Set

Eugene has modified his mullet. He's now sporting a ponytail. So, there's that. I don't really want to talk about Eugene's mullet though. I want to talk about episode 13 entitled The Same Boat. I watched it last week fully intending to write about it as I watched it, which is what I usually do, but I just couldn't. It was so deep and intense; I couldn't watch it twice, which is what I usually do. To say it was violent would be like saying I could stand to lose a few pounds. In other words, to call it violent is a bit of an understatement. The violence was violent, but the emotional parts just gutted me. The Walking Dead is so damn good at the emotions, and there's so many layers. They peel back a few layers with a dull steak knife and you think "Okay, I can handle this." But, then they go in deep with a sharp dagger and you're all like "Whuut?" That's how I was last week, and it was all about my favorite character, Carol. She's such a multi-layered character, and Melissa McBride's acting just makes me say "Whuut?" She is to acting what Harper Lee was to writing, and Johannes Vermeer was to painting, and Aretha Franklin is to singing, and caramels are to eating.

Maggie was also featured last week, but it was all about Carol for me. They both survived getting captured by Negan's people by working as a team. Here I go again with the understatements. To say they survived is like saying "To Kill a Mockingbird" is a good book. They, and the rest of our gang, brutally killed Negan's people. Did they have to do it? Well, we could debate that all night; nevertheless, they did it. When the killin' was over, Daryl touched Carol's face, and gave her a big ol' hug which just made my heart hurt a lil bit. He asked her if she was okay; she shook her head to indicate no, and the camera panned to her hand. She was clutching a rosary so tightly she was bleeding. Whuut?

Also, If memory serves, Rick and our gang believe Negan is dead. He is not. Well, I've written so much about episode 13 that I've basically missed the current episode which is entitled Twice as Far. I ain't watchin' it again because I ain't got that kinda time, but if you're still interested, here goes:

Errybody is just doing their thang on a lovely day in Alexandria. Carol is sitting on her porch swing and smoking. Morgan is playing with his dumb stick. Rosita just got out of bed with some random dood who may or may not be Deanna's son, not that it really matters who he is. Just a regular, normal day in Zombieland, but The Ginger and Eugene get into it cause The Ginger kills a walker that has attacked Eugene, and Eugene gets all butt hurt cause he wanted the chance to kill the walker. He basically tells The Ginger that killing walkers is well within his skill set.

Doctor Denise has the same itch Eugene has, and she wants to scratch it by accompanying Daryl and Rosita on a pharmacy run. You just know this ain't gonna go as planned, and it doesn't. While making a sweet speech to Daryl and Rosita about how she wants to be as bad ass as they are, she takes an arrow through the eye. Yes, I said an arrow through the eye, and the arrow was shot from Daryl's beloved bow. And, she doesn't even die right away. She just sorta stands there, and tries to finish her speech before wilting to the ground. Then some other stuff happens involving The Ginger and Eugene, but the crux of the deal is that the dood who took Daryl's bow several episodes back is responsible for killing Doctor Denise who was responsible for keeping lots of people alive as the only semi-doctor in Zombieland. If Daryl had only killed the dood to start with awhile back then none of this current nonsense would be happening.

Meanwhile, back on the porch swing, there's no Carol. We just see a gently swaying swing, and a full ash tray while we hear a voice-over from Carol basically saying that she's leaving all her friends in Alexandria because of something, something, something. I didn't really get that part because I was concentrating on the fact that CAROL IS LEAVING. Whuut?

Oh, and The Ginger and Sasha are a thing now, and Eugene is injured but will survive, probably.

Okay, I'm finally done, but I'm still freaking out about NO Carol in future episodes. Surely she'll return, just like last time, to save errybody the next time they need saving. Carol makes my heart hurt a lil bit.

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