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Miles To Go Before I Sleep

It's time for TWD, and I've been eating Fritos all night and now I can't feel my tongue and Maggie is crying and she has on a wedding ring. Where did she get a wedding ring? I don't remember Glen giving her a wedding ring. She just killed a walker and she looks very tired and very sad. Who is digging in the ground? Eeewwww, a worm. OMG ... it's Daryl and he just freaking ate the worm. Oh, I would give him some of my Fritos if I could. Dead frogs. Dead frogs everywhere. WTH???? They could eat fried frog legs. Fried frog legs are tasty.

I can't hear the dialogue because the Fritos are crunchy. I have to stop eating the Fritos. Finally, I see Carol. She needs a hot bath. What is Rick talking about? Rick needs a baby bjorn to carry Lil' Ass Kicker in because it will promote bonding and closeness, according to the baby bjorn official website. Carol wants to go with Daryl and so she's going to. Oh, a jewelry box with a ballerina. I used to have one of those. Carl gives the jewelry box to Maggie. There's the "priest." I don't like him and I don't trust him. Maggie is tellin' it like it is. "You don't know shit," she said to the priest. Word.

Michonne is tired too. Finally, Daryl and Carol get some alone time. He keeps verbally pushing her away. Now they are talking about Beth. Carol gives Beth's knife to Daryl and now she is giving him a pep talk. She is sooooo awesome. She touched his greasy hair, eeewww and a kiss on the forehead. Okay, not exactly the passionate embrace I was hoping for, but I will take it.

What are they gonna do about all the walkers? They don't look that different from the walkers right now. Sasha is going off on the undead. Rick damn near got bit. Michonne ain't havin' it. Sasha has some unresolved issues.

I'm finally out of Fritos. My tongue hurts. What's up ahead? Daryl doesn't want Carol tagging along. What's up with that? Maggie is searching one of the stalled cars in the road. She's gonna pop the trunk. Eeewww, there's a walker inside. Well, this is weird. Now she's going back to the trunk. The music is getting instense. That's not good. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. Glen is going to do the right thing and kill the walker. There's more going on here than meets the eye. Are all these cars out of gas? Why do they always have to walk?

Daryl sees a dead deer. Say that real fast ten times. Are all the animals dying from the same thing that turns people into walkers? No, I guess it's a drought. No water. Oh, the ginger is hitting the bottle of hooch. Oh no, wild dogs. Sasha's got it covered. Something's up with all these animals acting weird. Eeeewww, are they eating the dogs? Is that a good idea? Noah ain't eatin'. He wants to talk. Sasha don't really care. What does dog taste like? "Priest" dude just threw his collar in the fire.

Somebody should have planned this out a little better. Maggie is finally talking about Beth. She wants to give up. Glen ain't gonna let her. "We have to keep fighting," he just told her. Why is everybody ragging on Sasha? She ain't friends with the ginger. Daryl don't need no water. Daryl needs to take his shirt off. That's just my opinion, but I think it's a good idea. He found a cabin. Now he's sitting down and smoking. He sure needs a haircut. Ouch, he just put the cigarette out on his own hand. Damn. He's gonna start a forest fire. Don't cry. Don't cry. It's gonna be okay.

Why do I really want a cigarette right now? Also, I really want to hug Daryl. He needs a tight hug. The kind of hug that would make you feel uncomfortable in real life. They found a note. Who left it? There's bottled water in the road. Eugene is thirsty. It's thundering. It's raining. Don't ya know that feels great. Maggie don't care, and neither does Sasha. "Priest" dude is sorry. Judith is crying. They go to the barn. I thought it was a cabin, but it's a barn. A creepy barn. There's a bible. Damn, another walker. That one was crunchy when Maggie killed it. Everybody keeps saying that they can't give up. I get it, I get it. They don't have to keep saying it. Ginger is still drankin'. Carl has crashed. Lots of deep thoughts right now. Blah, blah, blah.

Rick is giving them a pep talk. I'm tired of all these pep talks. I need a little action. Aaahhh, Rick just said that they were the walking dead. "We ain't them," Daryl says. Oh, I'm kinda bored. I wish I had some more Fritos.

Right now, I'm more entertained by the commercials than the show. Talking Dead is going to be boring after this boring episode, but at least Marilyn Manson won't be on the Talking Dead and that's a blessing. Daryl is awake and pacing. Oh no, he sees tons of walkers outside the barn. Why doesn't he wake everyone up? Maggie is helping him hold the barn doors closed. Now Sasha is helping. Now errybody is helpin'. I like the way they are filming this scene. And, it's over. Was it just a dream? Maggie is awake. Has Daryl been awake all night? They are talking about Beth, I think. Daryl fixed the jewelry box.

Wow, was there a tornado? I don't understand, but all the walkers are dead. The morning sky is beautiful. Carol and Sasha are having a deep conversation. They are crying and talking about making it. The jewelry box works now because Daryl fixed it. No, it doesn't. Hey, there's a new guy and he's clean and doesn't have a beard. He knows Rick's name. He has good news. Oh snap, the jewelry box starts working right when clean guy, named Aaron, says he has good news. That's a sign of things to come, but is it a good sign or a bad sign? I guess we'll find out.

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