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I Need a Moment

Wow, it's really late. I've been watching the Oscars and cooking and watching and doing laundry and watching and facebooking and watching and texting and watching and trying to stay warm. I'm tired, but I can't sleep without watching TWD. So, here we go kids.

I see Rick still hasn't found a razor. Daryl ain't havin' it with this Aaron dude. Judith ain't happy either. Ha, Ha this Aaron dude just told a joke. He has really good grammar. He's using first names. How does he know all their names? He says they will be safe. I want to believe him. I really want to believe him. He is kind of sounding like a politician. Oh snap, Rick just bitch slapped him.

Michonne is concerned. Everybody is sticking up for Aaron. Damn, Rick really needs to shave. Rick wants some answers. Blah, blah, blah. Lots of talking going on. Aaron wants our guys and gals to drive with him to "the community." He says they can trust him. That's what bad guys always say. Michonne wants to check it out and so does Maggie. Are they questioning Rick's authority? More talking ... blah, blah, blah. Okay, the group has split up with some going to check out Aaron's story about a car, and the others left the barn to keep an eye out for more bad guys. I hate when the group splits up. I'm not really feelin' this.

Michonne is doing a lot of "what if" and she's being very philisophical. Glen doesn't really give a crap. Uh-oh, someone is hiding behind a tractor. Judith is hungry. Aaron tells Rick to feed her the applesauce he had in his bag. Rick is making Aaron taste it first. Aaron don't want no applesauce, but he finally chokes it down. Well, looky here it's a big ol' Cadillac and an RV and some walkers. Eeewww, the ginger got blood all over his arm from trying to kill one of the walkers. He is probably still hung over from the last episode. Are the keys in those vehicles? Ginger just some found some yucky canned food in the RV.

Michonne has decided it's time to go, and Daryl concurs because the barn smells like horse shit. Aaron don't want to tell them directions to get to "the community." He is being difficult. Rick and Michonne are having a serious discussion. Oooohhh, an ad for "Mad Men" and it looks good. So far, the ad is the best thing about this week's program. Yeah, I said it.

Driving in the dark. I guess there's no radio stations to listen to. Aaron is collecting license plates. He's a fun guy. He has a lot of pictures of "the community," but none with any people in the pictures. Michonne is getting suspicious and starts asking Aaron questions which he's having a hard time answering. Glen just hit a bunch of walkers. It's like bumper cars except with walkers. The Cadillac is covered in blood and gore. Glen has to try to wipe the crap off the windshield and now the caddy won't start. Glen is gonna flood the engine. Michonne is pulling body parts out of the engine, she's a get it done kinda gal. Now they see a flare in the night sky. Aaron jumps out of the car and knocks Michonne to the ground. Now errybody is out of the car and surrounded by walkers. This ain't good. I thought Glen was a goner, but he's okay and he saves Aaron.

Commercial break. Good, cuz I need to turn the heat up. This house is cold. If I turn the heat up then it gets too hot. If I leave the heat low then I'm cold. Life is sometimes a bitch, but at least I don't have to deal with walkers.

Lots of walker killin' goin' on. Now, Michonne, Rick, Glen and Aaron are walking towards where they saw the flare. They found the others and some dude named Eric who has a busted ankle. Well okay, Eric and Aaron are gonna make out now. Is this really the appropriate time for that? Aaron has an announcement to make. Apparently "the community" is in Alexandria, but they aren't leaving in the middle of the night. Glen is making an impassioned plea to Rick, but I'm not really paying attention and I don't want to do a re-watch because it's not all that interesting.

Finally, it's daylight and they are off to Alexandria. Aaron says that Noah may be able to get some help for his bad leg from a surgeon in Alexandria. It's all good. It's a big love fest in the RV. There's Alexandria in the distance. Will they have enough gas? Well hell, now the battery is dead. No worries, Glen found another battery. Michonne is gabbing with Rick. Blah, blah, blah. The RV is up and running, but Rick needs a moment. Maybe he needs to go to the bathroom. Nope, he hides a weapon for safe keeping. Good thinking.

They are pulling up to a gate. They can hear people on the other side. Don't leave Judith in the car. Carol says something very profound to Rick. That's the first time she has opened her mouth this entire episode. Looks like we will have to wait 'til next week to get a peek behind the gate. I'm hungry, I'm cold and I'm sleepy. It's time to call it a night.

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