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Daryl, Daryl and Some More Daryl

It's Tuesday, and I haven't watched TWD yet, and that's causing me stress. My nasty house is also causing me stress, but I'll deal with that later. Right now, it's time to see what Daryl is up to. I saw a spoiler which said that this episode of TWD is all about Daryl. I try to avoid spoilers, but sometimes it's impossible to do. Avoiding going to the gym is easy; avoiding spoilers is not.

Here we go: very cool opening shot with all the walkers on the highway. Daryl and the two in the car make a turn to head back to Alexandria, and in no time at all they are being shot at. Damn, Daryl falls off his motorcycle, but he's okay. The two in the car are being chased by another car. It's those pesky wolves, I think. There are wolves and walkers errywhere.

Daryl is riding his motorcylce through the woods. It looks like there has been a fire. He runs out of gas; he and the bike fall on the ground next to a charred walker still in a motorcycle helmet. Cue the most excellent theme music as the camera pans out showing Daryl, in all his gloriousness, lying on the blackened ground. What a fantastic shot. I bet they had to use a crane to get that shot, but it's well worth it.

Daryl is not having a good day. He's hurt and trying to take his jacket off. Oh my, oh my, oh my, his arms or sooo muscular. Is it getting hot in here, or what??? He thinks he hears something, so he picks up his crossbow with his oh so muscular arms. Two women pop up outta nowhere, and someone hits Daryl from behind. It's a dude. Oh, one of the girls has a really cute, short haircut. I'm jealous. I want my hair to look like that. I need a new stylist, but I digress. The two women and the dude are sharing their water with Daryl. Dude is talking to Daryl, but I can't really understand him. I need a good haircut, and a hearing aid. The trio are telling Daryl their story. I think that the trio thinks that Daryl is one of the wolves. The trio is looking for someone named Patty. Daryl escapes with his crossbow and runs into the woods. He realizes that the bag containing his crossbow also holds an ice chest with insulin in it, and the girl with the cute haircut needs the insulin. Surely, they don't actually have ice to put in the ice chest???!!!!! I mean, it ain't like they can run down to the 7-11 and grab a bag of ice cubes.

Sasha and Abraham (the ginger) are trapped in an office building with a walker. Abraham says, "Loose ends make my ass itch." He's probably onto something there. He and Sasha are having a deep discussion. Blah, blah, blah. I don't care. Finally, commercial time.

Daryl trades the duffle bag, with the insulin in it, to the trio for a small wooden carving. He is running away from them when more men show up, presumably wolves. Daryl helps the trio get away from the men.

Abraham finds a truck with a bunch of missiles? bombs? in the back and a box of cigars. There's a walker hung up on a fence by the truck, and it has one of the missiles? bombs? strapped to it's back. Abraham climbs up on the fence and engages the walker. Of course, the walker tries to bite him, but they just end up face-to-face screaming at each other. He must be having some kind of flashback. I don't know, and I don't really care because it's not Daryl. Nothing happens. Abraham decides to smoke a cigar and watch as the walker he was screaming at falls from the fence leaving the missile? bomb? he was wearing just hanging from the fence and not exploding. Abraham returns to Sasha, who is still in the office building, and puts the moves on her (I think) and she basically tells him he has some "stuff" to take care of first, and I'm not exactly sure what she is talking about. Of course, I could be reading this whole thing wrong. I guess we will find out eventually.

Wow, I didn't see that comin'. The trio, along with Daryl, find a burned out house with two dead bodies in it. The girl with the awesome haircut places some wildflowers next to the dead bodies AND THE BODIES ATTACK HER. No more awesome haircut. Daryl tells the other two about Alexandria. They all go back to get his motorcycle. Daryl tells the two that they are going to find Sasha and Abraham; they pull a gun on Daryl, and make him give up his crossbow. The two drive off on Daryl's motorcycle, which obviously wasn't out of gas, and Daryl tells them that they will be sorry. Best believe dat. Daryl finds a huge fuel truck with a license plate that reads Patty. That's the name of the person that the trio was looking for at the beginning of this episode, except it turns out that Patty isn't a person at all. Patty is fuel. Patty is very valuable. Daryl takes Patty to pick up Abraham and Sasha and they all head down the road to Alexandria. Daryl tries to raise Rick on the walkie-talkie, and all he can hear is someone saying, "HELP."

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