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Can My Phone Ring Some More???

OH SNAP. They got me goooood. Glennnnn is alive. Let the world rejoice!!!! Glenn (with two Ns) is ALIVE. JSS girl just threw him a bottle of water cuz he is way thirsty from being under that dumpster for so long. JSS girl is Enid. Who names a young girl Enid??? Shouldn't she be Tiffany or Amber? Glenn is trying to talk to her about what happened in Alexandria. She's not being very talkative. If she was my daughter, her ass would be so grounded. Plus, her name wouldn't be Enid. It would be Jillian because if I ever had a daugher, that's what I would've named her. Glenn wants to know if Maggie is okay, but Jillian (that's what I'm gonna call her) isn't answering.

Oh holy hell, there's dumbass Morgan with his dumbass stick. Seriously???? I'm so over Morgan and his stick. Where's Carol????? The damn stick has gotten more screen time this season than BAMF Carol. Rick is checking the wall. Maggie is on top of the wall looking for a signal from Glenn. Rick is giving her a pep talk. He has been giving lots of pep talks lately. At least he has had a shower and is lookin' (and I imagine) smellin' good.

Well, here's the priest/preacher dood. Another character I could give a rat's ass about. HA, Rick just tore down the prayer meeting signs that dood was puttin' up errywhere. Rick is giving Jillian's boyfriend a shooting lesson. Carl is puttin' in his two cents and tryin' to be a bad ass which is hard to do when you look like a 12-year-old girl.

Rick, Carol and Michonne are talking to dumbass Morgan. Okay, I'll admit Morgan is making some sense when he says, "All life is precious." Michonne is arguing that things aren't as simple as four words. OOOOHHHHHH, this show makes me think thinky thoughts about Syrian refugees and such.

Rick and Michonne are formulating a plan to get the walkers away from the wall. Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it ... Rick and Michonne, sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G.

Glenn finds Jillian AKA Enid and the little bitch pulls a gun on him. She should be sooo grounded. Glenn calls her bluff. Is there anything more annoying than a sulky teenager? Well, I guess the walkers are almost as annoying.

Rick has mad carpentry skills. Is there anything he can't do???

Glenn is having a father/daughter talk with Jillian.

Dumbass teenage boy is stealing bullets.

Glenn and his daughter have made it back to Alexandria, but there's too many walkers around the wall. What are they gonna do?

Spencer, the politician's son, is hovering over all the walkers on a wire. He falls, OF COURSE, because he is also a dumbass. Spencer escapes with tons of help from the likes of Terrah, and he's upset because he lost a shoe in the escape. Rick yells at Terrah for almost getting herself killed helping Spencer. Terrah shoots Rick the finger and it's awesome. Rick has a bit of a God complex.

I swear, if my phone rings one more time before this is over, I'm gonna cut a bitch. Nobody wants to talk to me EVER until I'm tryin' to watch my show and then ERRYBODY desperately needs my attention. WTF??????

There's the nurse from Nurse Jackie who is now a doctor. Morgan is recruiting her to help the wounded wolf who is being held captive. Carol follows them, and she's holding Lil Ass Kicker who is just as cute as a button. She asks Blonde Lady to keep Lil Ass Kicker so she can go investigate what Morgan is up to.

Dumbass teenage boy is following Carl with a loaded gun.

Rick apologizes to Terrah.

Maggie sees green balloons that Glenn and Jillian have sent up as a signal and my heart soars with the balloons, BUT of course something bad has to happen the very next second. Dammit. The top of the burned and rotted church topples over and collapses a portion of the wall.

It's over and now I gotta return approximately 394 phone calls. Dammit.

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